Sunstock Solar Festival


Ra Ra RiotGold Stage – 10:00pm

Combining indie rock with chamber pop flourishes (courtesy of a small string section), Ra Ra Riot formed while the band’s six members were attending college in Syracuse, New York. Milo Bonacci (guitar), Alexandra Lawn (cello), Wesley Miles (keyboard/vocals), John Pike (drums), Mathieu Santos (bass), and Rebecca Zeller (violin) first came together in January 2006, creating an eclectic sound that allowed them to play alongside the Horrors, Bow Wow Wow, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin within a year of the band’s formation. After pulling up stakes and relocating to New York City, the band recorded a self-titled EP and prepared to release it during the summer of 2007. In 2016, Ra Ra Riot returned with their fourth album, Need Your Light, featuring production from former Vampire Weekend guitarist Rostam Batmanglij. Included on the album were the singles “Water” and “Absolutely.” In the spring of the following year, Ra Ra Riot celebrated their tenth anniversary by re-releasing their debut EP for Record Store Day.

Robert DeLongGold Stage – 8:40pm

Los Angeles-based electronic musician Robert DeLong mixes dance music with his own singer/songwriter style of craftsmanship. A native of Seattle, DeLong relocated to Los Angeles where began performing his innovative style of electronic music. Utilizing MIDI interfaces and mixing live while he performs, DeLong plays keyboards, drum pads, drum set, laptops, and even gaming controllers to create his songs. Though his music falls into the category of experimental dance, his lyrics and melodic sense often borrow from more classic pop influences such as Paul Simon. DeLong released his debut solo album, Just Movement, in 2013. A year later, he returned with the EP, Long Way Down. In 2015, DeLong released his sophomore full-length album, In the Cards, featuring the single, “Don’t Wait Up.”

Run River NorthGold Stage – 7:25pm

Based in California’s San Fernando Valley, Run River North is a six-member indie pop ensemble that originally formed in 2011 under the name Monsters Calling Home. Boasting a lush, folk-influenced sound built around singers Alex Hwang (vocals/guitar) and Sally Kang (vocals/keys), the band also features guitarist/violinist Daniel Chae, bassist Joseph Chun, drummer John Chong, and violinist Jennifer Rim. After filming a unique video for their song “Fight to Keep” in the back seats of their small Honda cars, they caught the attention of the marketing department at Honda, which used the song in a commercial. This led to them making a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, further expanding their audience. Following a sold-out show at Hollywood’s famed Troubadour venue, the band signed with Nettwerk Music Group and officially changed its name to Run River North. Working with producer Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, the Shins, Band of Horses), they recorded their self-titled debut album, which was released in February 2014. After a busy year touring and promoting their debut, the band began to alter both their sound and their creative methods. Writing more as a group, they adopted a newfound electric sound and a slightly darker tone on their follow-up album, which they recorded with producer Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, HEALTH). Recorded in Los Angeles, Run River North’s sophomore album, Drinking from a Salt Pond, was released in February 2016.

Wild CubGold Stage – 6:00pm

American indie group Wild Cub came together in early 2012 when songwriter/composer Keegan DeWitt joined forces with multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock and began creating their infectious brand of electro-pop. DeWitt had become disillusioned with life in New York, and after being offered a promotion at his day job, he chose to quit. He moved to Nashville and focused his energy on forming Wild Cub alongside writing film and documentary scores. Once he met Bullock, the wheels were set in motion and the arrivals of drummer Dabney Morris, bassist Harry West, and synth/keys player Eric Wilson cemented the lineup. From there they wrote and recorded their debut album, Youth, which was recorded in Bullock’s house after they’d taken it over to complete the songs. The record arrived in 2012 and was well-received on both sides of the Atlantic. Alongside a number of high-profile tour dates and festivals in America, they won favorable reviews for their jubilant, ‘80s-inspired synth pop and infectious guitar hooks. After a long two years of cycling through “hundreds” of demos while DeWitt turned out a steady stream of film and television scores (HBO’s Divorce, The Hero with Sam Elliott), the lineup of DeWitt, Bullock, and West returned with the buoyant single “Somewhere” in the spring of 2017.

The Fuzzy CrystalsGold Stage – 4:50pm

The Fuzzy Crystals find inspiration in the creative mecca of California. They met and formed the psychedelic collective channeling the spirit of 70’s west coast nostalgia. The Fuzzies teamed up with master tape manipulator Gus Seyffert (Beck, The Black Keys, James Supercave) to create their second album, Crystal Magic. Recorded live on Seyffert’s 3M M79 16-Track Reel-to-Reel during a three-week, crystal-fueled sonic marathon. It was mixed directly to two-track 1/2” tape; no digital processing of any kind was used until the mastering engineer transferred the final mixes to audio files. Crystal Magic is truly the child of a fuzzy love; every note is as real as the voices and instruments used to create it. Channeling the kaleidoscopic spirits of LA’s hallucinatory history, The Fuzzy Crystals have spawned an album soaked with all of the sensual madness of an endless California summer.

SWIMMGold Stage – 3:40pm

SWIMM makes music with the concepts of weightlessness and fluidity as the common elements in their genre-blurred sound. Deciding against the status quo of practicing apathy, SWIMM pours every bit of themselves into their music. They recently moved from Florida to LA and have been throwing DIY shows that have built a reputation for ending in sweaty, mylar twirling dance parties.

Yip YopsGold Stage – 2:30pm

YIP YOPS has a retro wave sound that blends the underground scene of the 80’s with a raw feeling lost in today’s popular music. YY’s 2017 release of their debut EP, Eyes, has been described by Chris Aspromonte of Casulin as, “an incredible high energy sound that cannot be easily replicated. This is a blend of genres that is unique to YIP YOPS and cannot be heard anywhere else at the moment.” The EP is a diverse collection of the bands early works and represents some fan favorites. Jaded Culture writes, “This is the type of album that will make you either dance along, or sit quietly while you reflect and analyze your life. It’s truly a delicious experience!

Chris Whitehall (of The Griswolds)Green Stage – 6:50pm

Australian indie rock band the Griswolds became an overnight sensation in their homeland with their catchy tunes, laid-back style, and party-hearty philosophy. Named after Chevy Chase’s hapless family in the Vacation movies, the Griswolds were formed in 2012 by singer Christopher Whitehall, guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez, bassist Tim John, drummer Chris Riley, and keyboardist Lachlan West. The group came together after Whitehall and Duque-Perez began working up song ideas together, and one sounded good enough that they thought it deserved a band to play and record it. They had already begun work on their debut EP when they came up with the name the Griswolds, so when they finished recording the song “Mississippi,” they wasted no time posting it online. The song was promptly embraced by music bloggers. Radio soon followed, and Australian radio powerhouse Triple J put “Mississippi” into regular rotation; it would become their most played song of 2012. After their debut EP, Heart of a Lion, climbed the Australian charts, the Griswolds proved they had the live show to back up their skills in the studio, playing memorable sets at the Big Day Out, Parklife, and Homebake festivals, and making their first forays into Europe. In May 2013, the Griswolds made their American debut with a show in Brooklyn, New York, and they were signed by Wind-Up Records, which issued the EP in the United States as “Mississippi” made its way onto the college radio charts. In early 2014, the Griswolds went into the studio with producer Tony Hoffer to start work on their first full-length album. Be Impressive arrived in August 2014 and cracked the Billboard 200. An acoustic EP of Be Impressive tracks followed the next year. Their sophomore LP, High Times for Low Lives, arrived in late 2016. The effort was produced by Grammy winner Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Pet Shop Boys) and featured the single “Out of My Head.”

Trapdoor SocialGreen Stage – 8:10pm

Trapdoor Social entered 2017 with a new sense of urgency. After reconstituting itself from a duo to a 5-piece, their eponymous debut album is a raucous, anthemic environmental and social critique, erupting with signature blues rock and bass synth riffs. The live set is an impassioned call to action. Excited to continue combining their music with activism as they’ve done through past fundraising projects with Homeboy Industries, Mesa Ridge High School, and Kids Cancer Connection, Trapdoor Social toured the U.S. for the first half of 2017 in their solar trailer, putting on clean energy, solar-powered concerts at universities and outdoor venues across the country. Currently, the band is writing and recording their second full-length album in Los Angeles, CA.

The Soft White SixtiesGreen Stage – 9:25pm

Five years together, and the members of The Soft White Sixties have rarely sat still. They’ve lived much of their life in a 15-passenger van, traversing the country, whipping up new riffs, new rhythms, new lyrics and then, almost immediately, breaking them out onstage. For these hard-working musicians, it was simply a way of life. For the Sixties, who’d released their debut full-length album, Get Right in 2014, capturing a certain vibe and a particular mood for their next batch of recordings was essential. The band always took an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to writing, but in the past they chiseled their song arrangements on stage without a clear sense of direction for the final result. For the next album the musical collective — which includes bassist Ryan Noble and drummer Joey Bustos — made a conscious decision to apply a forward-thinking kind of approach, continually asking the question ‘what kind of band do we want to be?’ To further ensure an open-book approach to the sessions, the band enlisted producer/mixer Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Dave Mason), working with him at United Recording in Los Angeles. Eisenberg says they have “a ton of other songs” they’ve been working on, not to mention a slew of music videos. Of course, they’ll also be hitting the road to reveal their new material for much of 2016. For Genera, however, everything really boils down to a simple motto he can’t shake. Says the singer with supreme confidence and conviction: “It’s always about doing it better than the last time.”

WildlingGreen Stage – 5:25pm

Wildling is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California signed to Warner Bros. Records. The band was formed in 2014 by members Ryan Levine and Andrew Ampaya, who were originally signed to RCA Records as the band Test Your Reflex from 2004-2009, and also recorded music under the name No Country as well as Low Shoulder (2009-2014). Wildling performed their first show at The Satellite in Los Angeles. They were immediately invited to headline The Satellite’s residency in January 2015, and the next week, they were invited to support Young the Giant, who had attended the show. A few months later they performed in Austin for SXSW, and by summer 2015, they were recording their debut EP. The band has worked with different producers on different songs, including Doug Boehm (French Kicks, Dr. Dog), Caleb Shreve (Phantogram, Bear Hands), Ted Gowans (Tegan & Sara), and Ben Greenspan (Fences). Ryan sent lead single “Hummingbird,” directly to DJ Kat Corbett of KROQ, who added it to the regular rotation on her show, “Locals Only.” The debut EP was released in October 2015.

Freedom FryGreen Stage – 4:15pm

The name “Freedom Fry” – a satire on French/US relations during the Iraq war – is well known to any frequent visitor of The Hype Machine. The French & American duo have racked up over 50 appearances on the music blog aggregator, including SEVEN Top 10s and THREE #1s. While independent, they’ve amassed over 30 million track streams on Spotify and received support across airwaves from radio tastemakers ALT 98.7, KCRW, KEXP, KROQ, WXPN, SIRIUS XM (Alt Nation & The Coffee House), BBC (Radio 2 & Radio 6), RTL2, and beyond. Following the success of their 2016 single “Shaky Ground” – a song that made Spotify’s “Best of 2016: Ultimate Indie playlist” – Freedom Fry released a new single followed by a b-side every other week in 2017 leading up to their “Remixes” EP, a collection of their biggest singles remixed by the likes of Sofi Tukker & Penguin Prison. On September 7, they will release the “Strange Attraction” EP before announcing their debut album.

Blood BoyGreen Stage – 3:00pm

Bloodboy (aka Lexie Papillion) is the type of pop singer to make the words “Fuck Yourself” sound dreamy, and who dresses like a hybrid of Christine & The Queens, Joan Jett, and Cher from Clueless. Her new single, “Important To The World,” is an enlivened synth pop track. It was co-produced by Justin Raisen, who’s most notable for Sky Ferreira’s Night Time My Time, Charli XCX’s Sucker, and Angel Olsen’s My Woman, so it’s got that exultant, queen of the world sound.